How To Be The Best (Wallace Minor Soccer)

PrintHow To Be The Best
Being the best player on the field always requires you to be the best player OFF the field, first. The best player on the team does not mean the kid with the most skill - the best player on the team is the one who:

- Arrives early to practice
- Listens carefully to the Coach
- Puts 100% effort into all drills and practice games
- Encourages his/her teammates
- Helps other players when they need help without being a "know-it-all"
- Respects the equipment
- Respects the referees, coaches, parents and all other players
- Celebrates a loss the same way as a win - briefly reviewing what improvements could be made and congratulates all the things he/she and the team did well
- Does what is best for the team at all times. Sometimes this means passing, sometimes it means shooting, sitting out to rest or taking a turn in net as the goalie.

Anyone can have skillsĀ - but do YOU have what it takes to be The Best Player?