Team Rosters (Wallace Minor Soccer)

PrintTeam Rosters
Now that you've got your team, you're probably wondering how to get players onto your team's roster. The bad news is, you can't. The good news? We'll do it for you!

The way the website is set up, players must be first registered to the website, then they can be added to their respective teams. This year, all players must be registered. Players only have to be registered to the site once - then they can be transferred into the next season, which means only players that are new to Wallace will have to be added to the system.

So how do you get the roster to show up? Simply click HERE and send the webmaster your team's roster, with the following information for each child:

First Name
Last Name

And the team information:
Team name (be specific, i.e. U12 1 or U8 2)
Coach's First Name, Last Name and Email address
First & Last Name of any other team staff (and email addresses if they require team website editing access)

Once your info has been received, you'll be notified of your user account info (if you don't already have one). Then, check back to the site after a day or two - your roster should be posted fairly quickly.