80 Ways To Say "Very Good" (Wallace Minor Soccer)

Print80 Ways To Say "Very Good"
80 Ways to say "Very Good!"

1. Good for you!
2. Superb
3. You did that very well
4. You've got it made
5. Terrific
6. That's not bad!
7. Couldn't have done it better myself.
8. Marvelous!
9. You're doing fine.
10. You're really improving.
11. You're on the right track now!
12. Now you've got it figured out.
13. Outstanding!
14. That's coming along nicely.
15. I know you can do it.
16. Good work.
17. You figured that out fast.
18. I think you've got it now.
19. I'm proud of the way you worked today.
20. Tremendous!
21. You certainly did well today
22. Perfect!
23. Nice going
24. You've got your brain in gear today
25. Now you've got the hang of it
26. WOW!
27. Wonderful!
28. You're getting better every day
29. You're learning fast
30. You make it look easy
31. That's much better
32. Nice try
33. Super!
34. You did a lot of work today
35. Keep it up!
36. Congratulations
37. Exactly right!
38. Nice going
39. Excellent!
40. Sensational!
41. You're doing beautifully
42. You've just mastered that!
43. That's the best ever
44. That's great!
45. Way to go!
46. That's the way to do it!
47. That's quite an improvement
48. Good thinking
49. Keep up the good work
50. That's it!
51. That's better
52. You haven't missed a thing
53. Fantastic!
54. You outdid yourself today
55. You're doing a good job
56. That's the right way to do it
57. That's better
58. Right on!
59. That's the best you've ever done!
60. That's RIGHT!
61. You must have been practicing!
62. Great!
63. Keep working on it... you're getting better
64. You remembered!
65. That kind of work makes me very happy
66. You're really working hard today
67. I knew you could do it!
68. I'm very proud of you
69. One more time and you'll have it
70. Fine!
71. That's good
72. Good job
73. You really make this fun
74. Good remembering
75. You are doing much better today
76. Keep on trying
77. You are really learning a lot
78. You've just about got it
79. I've never seen anyone do it better!
80. You are very good at that.

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